About Us

Life After Bass introduces a fresh concept to the car audio industry. Clearly, there’s a void in the market for custom designed and built ported sub enclosures. The type that'll give you hard hitting bass, while also maintaining sound quality. These boxes aren’t your average “one trick pony”.

Let’s face it, installing car audio equipment is no “walk in the park”. Each aspect of designing a system brings a unique set of challenges; and getting great bass response is no exception. While the sub and amp choice are generally one’s focal point, the enclosure itself often times gets overlooked. But, how can the most important component get overlooked? We ask ourselves this question every day!

Until now, you only had a few options: You could have one designed and built at a local shop, design and build one yourself, or settle on a prefabricated (universal) box. Having a local shop design and build you a custom box is one option. But, even if you find a competent builder, expect to pay upwards of $300 for a proper one. Not everyone has the knowledge, tools, or time to design and build one themselves. And prefabricated boxes can sometimes do the trick, but they still leave much to be desired.

Enter Life After Bass. Our enclosures are specifically engineered and built for your subwoofer. Why spend good money on a quality sub, only to mount it in a “standard” speaker box? Give your woofer what it truly deserves, and your ears will thank you for it. We’ll help unleash the full potential of your subwoofer, and the difference will be loud and clear! Life After Bass… there is no going back.